How to pick out the most flattering ankle boots

In the cooler months, ankle boots are one of the most widespread shoe options. They are worn by women of all sizes and ages and paired with all kinds of garments, though—contrary to the common opinion—they are not always suitable for all body types.

Sure, in a hypothetical world where we all have the legs of Gisele or Kate Moss, any combination with ankle boots and a garment randomly picked out from the wardrobe would indeed be quite good looking.

The reality, though, is a bit different: most of us have legs that are quite dissimilar to those of the top models, so the outcome is seldom the same because, when it comes to making your legs look longer and leaner, ankle boots are not always the most flattering choice.

Their purchase requires attention, and so do their pairings.


In this post, therefore, we will see some useful tips to pick out your perfect ankle boots—those that enhances your figure while working with everything from your signature straight or skinny jeans to classic trousers. And in the next post, we will see the most flattering pairings – those that allow getting a visually thinner silhouette.

To start with, don’t forget that if you want to achieve a polished and stylish look—a look that can make you chic and proportional and outlast the current trend—it’s usually better to avoid any “excessive” choice: too squared (it’s anything but feminine and chic), too pointy, or too bright colored.

To play it safe, opt for clean, simple designs that can be brightened up by some metal detail.


Be aware that, as ankle boots are always trendy, it’s possible to come across designs of the latest trend that may not be suitable for all body types – or are very difficult to be worn and paired faultlessly.

For an impeccable yet comfortable choice, pick out timeless styles that combine class and practicality and may enhance your figure while remaining totally wearable and easy to pair.

For instance, one of the most versatile styles has a two/three-inches block heel and a smooth, straight leg, and it makes a perfect pairing with straight (or skinny) pants in a matching color.


Also, lace-up ankle-boots in a hue similar to that of your skinny jeans (or stockings), aside from being an ageless item, can easily guarantee an impeccable outcome, because they visually extend your legs.


Combat booties as well can have a slimming effect, because they create a long, vertical line that elongates your lower body (pay attention to coordinate tones, and if you’re wearing a skirt, always pair it with stockings in the same color as the boots). You may also opt for heeled lace-up boots like the ones in the picture below.


Conversely, a style that looks good on a few women is the one with a short, wide, pleated leg: it gives you the idea of a cowboy boot that, for some unknown reason, has been cut shorter. Also, consider that ankle boots with a wide boot leg (like the ones below) tend to enlarge your lower body and are therefore only suitable for those with very thin legs.


As per colors, an interesting option to hum-drum black (that’s versatile but can become quite boring) is leather in all its natural shades (tan, camel, caramel).

Intense hues that still remain neutral (such as burgundy in the picture below) are very feminine and may reveal unexpectedly versatile.


Don’t forget that your booties must always be proportionate to your leg. A properly chosen shoe should make you look slender and more graceful, so even if you have thin legs, always pay attention to the height of the heel and its width: harmony and proportions are the keywords, whatever your style.

If your love very high heels but are quite short-statured, you can wear your favorite high-heeled booties under flared jeans. This allows the heel to remain hidden, camouflaging any disproportion between your leg and the height of the heel.

With ankle boots, it’s essential to pay attention to the proportions. If your ankle boots stay in plain sight, they introduce a visual breakpoint, therefore the garments you are wearing should be carefully picked out in order to obtain a chic and proportional outcome.

As per the most flattering pairings that can guarantee this result, skip to the next postto find the most effective hints!

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