Tips to get the best bang for your buck when shopping winter sales

If you love looking gorgeous on a budget and wearing fashionable and chic garments, sales are a fun way to achieve this goal.

As fashion writer Jacqueline Curtis cleverly points out on, between seasonal sales and clearance sales “there’s really no reason you should have to pay full price for an article of clothing or accessory”. Unlike what was happening until a few years ago, when most cut-rate articles were just the leftovers of the past fads, nowadays you can easily come across a cut-price stylish jeans or snatch a nice sweater in a lovely shade, instead of just winding up with a twinset in some dubious hue or a pink sweater with frills on its sleeves.


Online stores have incredibly expanded the possibility to pick out stunning items at totally reasonable prices, which is very good of course, though it has the drawback of making the choice quite difficult.

Therefore, some caution is mandatory, as the risk of a wardrobe chock-full of low-priced stuff that just adds clutter to your closet (and life) is always there. So let’s have a quick glimpse of a few tips to become the savviest shopper ever.

One of the most important things to consider when buying discounted garments is to forget about trendy, bold-colored items (unless the color in question is “your” color, of course).

Be aware that when producing garments with the latest color trends, many manufacturers do not invest in quality for items that are not supposed to be worn beyond the first few months (if ever), so trendy-colored garments may reveal a backfiring purchase.

Nevertheless, allow yourself to buy trendy styles that are in tune with your vibes and with your body-shape – it’s now or never! If you look amazing with keyhole tops, and keyhole tops are totally fashionable this season, take advantage of the sales and buy them in every color that suits you (paying attention to pick out the higher quality you can find). Next year you won’t likely find a tenth of the choice.


Also, go for classic items that happen to be trendy this season: it’s the case, for instance, of the trench coat, a garment that, aside from being a very chic and practical garment, is always stylish even when it’s not the latest trend.


Similarly, tweed and tartan are another classic style that happens to be very trendy this year, which is very good because with sales you can to pick out high-quality, timeless items at a totally reasonable price.


Jeans in the most classic and versatile styles are another perfect piece to stock up on when shopping on sales: opt for ageless and simple cuts as straight, cigarette, and skinny ones that allow you to look chic and slimmer. Also, boot-cut and flare ones can be fine, as long as they’re slightly flared.

If you find your signature fitted black pants, go ahead and buy double, so you can hem the first one for heels, and the other one for flat shoes. You will have an extra tool to elevate your style at no cost at all.


If you want to buy some whimsy item, consider that printed or bold-colored trousers, sweaters, and shirts are not the best options because they can reveal very difficult to match in a faultless way. With baseline pieces, it’s better to go for “your” neutral tones (be they blue, gray, black, camel, or buttermilk, depending on your complexion) and minimal styles.

Things are completely different, though, when talking about accessories, which allow to have fun with whimsy items in a totally safe way and can easily be used to dress up your baseline staples. A belt in a leopard print can liven up a monochromatic, dark ensemble, and the same goes for popping bags and shoes.


My recommendation is to take advantage of the reduced prices to buy high quality pieces. Choose quality instead of quantity. Buy less, but wisely, and look for top-quality pieces whenever you can find them at a reasonable price. Invest your time in the search, and only buy tasteful garments that will go well together and will stay in your closet for years whatever the trend.


Avoid hoarding lots of inexpensive stuff that will only make you forgot of that lovely silk top that fits you perfectly.

And don’t forget that your signature garments must not follow fashion, but your shape and style.

This may require some time and patience, but if you can make waiting become a pleasure and have fun with the search, you’ll come across fine products of extraordinary quality that could elevate your style in a go, and add to your allure and charme.

The secrets to snatch the most exclusive items ever? We’ll see them in the next post!

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