How to look chic and slender with skinny jeans

Skinny jeans, which in other seasons may be not so easy to wear, in winter become a very versatile staple that can be worn on a daily basis, thanks to the fact that they allow you to balance any extra volume in your upper body—quite common for cooler months—thanks to a minimal design that helps harmonize the silhouette.

Furthermore, a pair of skinny jeans can be bought at an inexpensive price, so you can get faultless results even with cheaper brands.

However, it’s essential to choose carefully to get a nice fit and good wearability.


First of all, the elasticity of the material—which depends on the percentage of elastane—should not be excessive. If the amount of elastane is about 3–4 percent, the wearability is just perfect, and the shaping effect is at its maximum. If it’s lower (1–2 percent), the jeans could end up being quite uncomfortable (unless it contains a little percentage of polyester or other synthetic fibers). Elastane in percentages over 5% should generally be avoided because the fabric can lose its shaping effect, and the jeans become excessively loose fitting in a few hours.


If you want a chic and super flattering outcome, remember that when pairing skinny jeans with pumps or sneakers, it’s essential to choose styles that remain slightly loose around the ankle (as in the picture above).

This will make your legs look more proportional, hiding many imperfections. Your ankle will look slimmer and so will your whole figure, whereas entirely formfitting jeans will easily highlight any imperfection (even if the imperfection, in fact, doesn’t exist) while making your legs look shorter.

For this reason, ultra-skinny jeans that are entirely formfitting (as the ones in the picture below) are only suitable for those who have long, lean, and perfectly tapered legs.


However, you may still use your super-skinny jeans with impeccable results with knee-high boots or lace-up booties.


When it comes to choosing a size, don’t forget that with jeans, when in doubt, it’s better to opt for smaller to avoid an involuntary baggy effect on your buttocks or around your hips (which would not be chic or feminine) caused by the stretch fabric becoming a little looser over time.


As for the many options on display in store windows, be aware that skinny jeans with irregular fading (which from time to time are totally fashionable) can make even perfectly straight legs look crooked. If you choose trousers with stark contrasts in their color, this could visually change the shape of your legs.

For this reason, excessive bleach or acid washes are to be avoided because they may have a widening effect.

When in doubt, stick with medium-wash jeans in classic shades (blue, black, and gray), which never go out of style. Though this may not coincide with the new trends shown in the stores, this is not your concern: your goal should not be to achieve an up-to-the-minute look (which may become dated in a few months), but a timeless style that  will look trendy, stylish, and unique no matter what the fads say.


Another point to consider for a flawless outcome concerns the size and position of back pockets (this applies to any style of jeans): (1) Large, low-back pockets shorten your leg. (2) Too-small ones could make the buttocks appear fuller. (3) Pockets with striking seams can enlarge your derriere.

The perfect choice is to opt for medium-sized pockets that remain centered on your buttocks and have seams that match the color of your trousers (as in the picture below).


Last but not least: skinny jeans may not be a suitable option only for those who have a strong calf and not-so-long legs. Regardless of your weight and height, in this case, it’s better to opt for boot-cut styles worn with high-heeled ankle boots as long as the heel remains hidden under the flare: this combination always lengthens and slims your legs and your whole figure.

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