Tips to reduce puffiness and look radiant in a few days

Though today in Florence we have 4 degrees (and cloudy), stores windows are overflowing with adorable, light-colored garments, which aside from being a pleasant view, reminds that it’s time to think about a spring detox after all of that high-calorie food we ate plenty of in the cold months, and in this post we will see some effective tips to get a rested, slender and glowing look in no time.

In this regard, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that if you want to look beautiful, radiant, and slim, you should, first of all, reduce puffiness and water retention, as frequently the perception of carrying around some extra pounds is partly due to puffiness (both in the face and all over the body).

This is good news indeed, because, with a little effort, you can easily achieve great results in a very short time (whereas it’s impossible to lose several pounds in a couple of days).

The provided hints will help you feel slender, healthier and more attractive in a few days. They are easy habits that proved to be incredibly effective to get a radiant appearance: you can test them all together or a couple at a time, in order to find out those that suit you best and work best for your body.

I have personally tested all of them, and I guarantee that they really work, and they work quickly.


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The most important thing is that you strictly apply the following instruction from 4 PM on, as everything you eat (or drink) after that time will stay in your body until the following day at least, making it harder to get rid of it.

Here a short list of some rules to stick to:

  • Avoid salty foods. Do you know that reducing salt in your diet is one of the most effective ways to get a rested and glowing appearance? Salty food is mainly a habit, which makes things considerably easier, as if you slightly reduce the amount of salt in your meals, soon your need for salty foods will decrease. Talking by personal experience, I never add salt to vegetables, eggs, and fish (which allow me to appreciate their real and authentic taste). You may substitute salt with herbs and spices: you will discover different, exciting tastes while getting a slender silhouette.
  • Never use sugar substitutes (unless they’re natural): even if they don’t contain any calories, they can increase water retention (and besides, they are not healthy).
  • The same goes for artificial flavors and preservatives. For a quick and healthy dinner, opt for a slice of fresh (or unfrozen) salmon, instead of smoked salmon (which is full of salt and preservatives).
  • When possible, swap carbs with low carbs food (you may find lots of interesting alternatives in the supermarkets or online).


  • Alcohol is one of the main responsible for puffiness: avoid it or reduce it during your evening meals. Also, you may substitute low-quality hard alcohol (as vodka) with a small glass of some quality herbal distillation.
  • Yeast is another element that can increase water retention: avoid bread, biscuits, and other food that contains yeast (you can easily find yeast-free products in many supermarkets or online). This will help you reduce your waist circumference and get better digestion (this may vary from one person to another, though). Indulge in a small portion of quality/gluten-free) pasta (or rice) instead of a sandwich: this will be healthier and helpful to your beauty.


  • Never eat fruit after meals (and always avoid eating fruit in the evening). Even if fruits are natural, they can produce fermentation and increase puffiness, also causing poor digestion.
  • Drink lots of water at room temperature before your meals.


Also, if you want to go low-carb for a while, consider that you will get better results if you mildly reduce your carbs intake in the morning and for lunch, while totally cutting carbs away from 4 PM on.

Just apply these tips for 2-3 days, and you will soon see the results!


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Then, you can pick out those that are more effective for you (for me, avoiding yeast and substituting salt with herbs and spices are super-effective habits) and apply them any time you need a quick detox.

And if you would like to lose some extra pounds in an effortless way while eating healthy, tasty, and delicious food? More tips about this in the next post!

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