How to lok slimmer when wearing a blazer: DON’Ts

After seeing in the previous post which pairings will help you achieve a flattering and slimming outcome when wearing a blazer, in this post we’ll talk about the “DON’Ts” of this clothing piece.

In this regard, remember that one of the first things to consider if you want to look slender and/or taller when wearing a blazer is that double-breasted styles may have a widening effect, and for this reason are usually suitable only for those who would like to have a fuller figure.


This is particularly true when it comes to printed blazers. Printed blazers can have a flattering outcome when they are single-breasted and worn over a darker ensemble, as we encountered in another post. Conversely, when they’re double-breast the effect is exactly the opposite, as the long, thin line that elongates the silhouette is interrupted just in the middle by the double breast of the blazer.

Also, if you would like to look taller and slimmer, avoid a matching blazer and dress, which aside from creating an uninteresting outcome, produces a shapeless effect that’s not stylish at all (and besides, it can make you look older).

If you’d like to hide some extra pounds, avoid pairing a blazer with trousers with a very wide leg, as the volume in your upper body given by the blazer will add up to the volume in your lower body given by the pants, widening your whole figure.


Similarly, pairing a blazer with a skirt is not the most flattering option for those who would like to look thinner (whereas it’s very helpful for those who would like to look fuller, as you may see in the picture above).

A blazer usually has a more flattering outcome when paired with pants (even jeans), as long as they are close fitting without being excessively tight (a combination with wider pants requires high heels if you are not very tall).


Conversely, pairing a blazer with a skirt or a dress may look dated, and it’s not the most slimming option. As discussed previously, this ensemble has the unpleasant outcome of enlarging the whole figure due to the volume in both your upper and lower body.

If it’s not too cold, a lovely and very feminine alternative is wearing a nice shawl over your dress instead of a blazer (this pairing can also have a slimming effect, as we encountered in another post. You may also use a simple scarf, if large enough and properly worn).

For those who are quite short-statured, an interesting alternative to the classic blazer is a long blazer paired with close-fitting pants: this ensemble can help you hide any imperfections around your bust and hips, making your legs seem slimmer and longer (by concealing their actual length).

As for the pairings with tops and shirts, as encountered in the previous post, usually a shirt is not the most flattering option for those who would like to look thinner, as it’s clearly visible in the pictures below.


A lovely and easy alternative is replacing the classic shirt (which usually works better when worn alone) with a soft and slightly low-cut blouse in a color similar to that of the pants: this way you’ll get a thin, vertical line that enhances the silhouette.

As per the colors, don’t forget that a blazer in a color similar to that of your top but contrasting with that of your pants will shorten your figure adding unpleasant extra pounds, as you can see in the picture below on the left.


The most flattering outcome is usually achieved when wearing a blazer in a lighter color worn open over a darker top-pants ensemble, or matching blazer and trousers (they don’t need to be a two-piece, though. You may achieve nice and very trendy results also with jeans).

When wearing a blazer, it’s essential to play down the rest of your garments, which means wearing a smooth top and straight pants and avoiding anything that is excessively whimsical. If you want to add a feminine touch, you can opt for a silk top with a beautiful bow collar.

For this reason, any combination of black and white usually allow impeccable, stylish, and flattering results, and it’s perfect if you want to have fun with bright-colored accessories.


This way, your blazer will allow you to express your style in a chic and always stylish way.


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