How to pick out flattering outfits in spring

In spring, the choice of the perfect outfit is not always an easy one. Aside from any unexpected changes in weather conditions (you get out of home at 7 AM on a rainy, windy day, ending up half-collapsed under the sun at 4 PM), in this season you don’t have tanned legs and arms to help you look slimmer (as in summer), nor can you hide leg imperfections with knee-high boots (as you can do in the winter). Therefore, choosing the perfect ensemble becomes essential when picking out your daily garments.

In order to avoid getting lost in a chock-full closet just to find out that you have nothing to wear (and buy the twentieth sweater in a color that’s so up to date, but also so not you), it’s essential to stock your wardrobe with perfect, well-established garments that will allow you to create easygoing yet chic outfits that can be easily dressed up or down simply by changing your shoes or by adding a silk scarf.

One of the key pieces for any stylish outfit is undoubtedly a pair of jeans (or trousers), which in spring should preferably stay on the straight/cigarette style (keeping skinny jeans for winter, due to their different wearability).


Also, flared jeans/trousers are another wardrobe staple for spring: they look good on everyone and have a slimming effect (as long as they are slightly flared).

A pair of flared (or boot-cut) jeans, when paired with medium-to-high heels, is a must-wear for flattering your silhouette and getting a taller-looking figure. Since the heel remains hidden, you can wear shoes with a heel as high as you want without worrying about any disproportion between heel and legs, thus achieving the pleasant outcome of longer and leaner legs.


If you find a pair of pants that’s perfect for your shape, you can wear it no matter where you need to be, as it’s a baseline garment that never goes out of style. It’s versatile enough for your nine-to-five as well as more formal settings.

If your style is informal, wearing excessively formal outfits may be backfiring. Conversely, your perfect fitted jeans provide an easygoing choice that will make you feel trendy, attractive, and self-confident as no other garment will ever do.


In a previous post, we’ve already mentioned the most important points in order to achieve an impeccable, flattering, and slimming outcome with jeans. As explained, this won’t be necessarily the most expensive option. To look chic and stylish, you don’t necessarily need to wear luxurious or designer garments: a well-made, good-quality, fitted pair of jeans (or trousers) paired with a top that lights you up may produce an outstanding outcome even if they cost less than your lunch money.


A perfect fit, though, is essential, whatever the price or brand of your clothes.

Therefore, it’s important to be absolutely demanding about the fit and the making of your pants: avoid imperfect seams, unsatisfactory cuts, poor quality details.

Today the choice in fabrics, cuts, and styles is practically unlimited, so go chasing your perfect item! It could take some time, but your reward will be an impeccable look.


(and don’t forget that, for a striking look, hemming your pants to the right length can make a difference and transform an ordinary outfit into a chic, trendy, and outstanding one)

With your perfect trousers, it’s up to you to dress them up or down with the appropriate accessories: a nice shirt, flat shoes and a wide bag at work; stiletto heels, costume jewelry, and a smaller bag for a night out.

These combinations save time (and money). They’re essential for both superbusy businesswomen and homebodies who want a flawless, easygoing choice for everywhere from the supermarket to the parent-teacher meeting. And they will give you a simple but sophisticated look, enhancing your style and your femininity.



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