Tips to choose your perfect white shirt

One of the main staples for spring months is undoubtedly a shirt, and particularly a white shirt, which allows you to get a polished look that’s timeless, chic, and even—if you want—extremely sexy.

As my co-author Benedetta always says, “if you find your perfect white shirt, people will remember you as an attractive, chic, charming, and interesting woman. They will not say that you were wearing a nice shirt—they will probably not even remember your shirt, but they will certainly remember you.”

A white shirt can make the most of your style, brightening your features and making you shine even with a simple, classy look.

For an impeccable choice, don’t forget that with a cotton shirt, quality is a must. If you choose a low-quality cut or fabric, all its allure goes out the window. The fabric should be soft, and the yarn should remain the same over time (also, consider that the higher the cotton quality, the easier it is to iron, which takes a considerable importance if you have to iron your own garments).


Things are different, though, for loose blouses in synthetic silk: these garments may have lovely results even if their quality is not outstanding (and they have the extra perk that they do not need ironing).

Shirts made of opaque, synthetic silk are good for everyone and can be worn in many different settings. These shirts are chameleonic—you can wear them with your favorite medium-wash jeans, with black trousers and pumps, as well as with a classic tweed suit (Chanel style).


As for cuts, remember that stiff fabrics add volume to your figure. It’s better to choose fabrics soft enough to follow your shape without being too tight or formfitting.

If you prefer a loose pattern, always match it with tight-fitted or skinny pants, because wide garments on both your upper and lower body will make you look fuller.


As for colors, stark white may produce an outstanding outcome, though in some cases it may be better to soften the tone with off-white or oatmeal instead (or striped prints); these tones are more suitable for certain complexions and may be easier to wear.


Do not underestimate the details:

  • The buttons must always be classic ones: avoid fanciful buttons; they make the chicest garment lose all its class. Rhinestones and sequins are inadmissible on a white shirt—they are the opposite of elegance. More acceptable are pearls (which can also be used for buttons).
  • Avoid ruffly sleeves, as they can also make your arms look longer and your legs, in comparison, shorter (not to mention it makes you look like a flamenco dancer).
  • Conversely, if you wear your white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, this visually reduces the length of your arms, making your legs look comparatively longer (as explained in my book “101 Ways to Look Slimmer and Taller“).


It’s also better to avoid shirts that clearly show their brand. You don’t need any signature with your perfect shirt—just yours: the one that comes from your inner style and unique personality.

A shirt with these characteristics is a fundamental garment for any woman. You can easily dress it up or down depending on where you need to be, and you’ll never look too informal or too elegant because your white shirt will always match perfectly with the rest of your look.

Just change your shoes, and you’ll be ready for anything from a business meeting to happy hour. An easy combination is straight pants (or fitted jeans) and flats for informal settings, but if you remove the flats and add a pair of heels, you are instantly ready for a night out in some fancy place!


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