Low-maintenance garments: the key to getting a chic look at no cost

If you want to get a polished and sophisticated look at no cost, one of the most effective ways is giving preference to items that require low maintenance. Items easy to maintain – that do not lose their shape, do not pill, and do not get wrinkled easily – will elevate your whole outfit in a go, as an impeccable, spotless appearance is the key for any sophisticated lady.


Low-maintenance garments, aside from requiring so much less time for their care, can make you look one million dollars even if the majority of them costs just a few bucks. Conversely, clothes that easily lose their shape, get wrinkled in minutes, or are susceptible to pilling will make you look cheap – no matter the brand or price of the garments you’re wearing. Therefore, a wise choice is always necessary so as to pick out clothes that will make you appear faultless and in order all day long, and not just for the first ten minutes.

In this post and in the following one we will cover some useful hints to pick out garments and accessories that will easily guarantee an impeccable outcome at minimum effort – both in terms of time and money.


Starting right from the top, textured tops and sweaters (which are totally fashionable this season) are an easy and pleasant way to achieve a sophisticated look at no cost at all. If you buy a cheap, smooth sweater, it will lose all its smoothness in a go. Low-priced, smooth jerseys and knits are quite inclined to produce a lot of pilling, which will take any class away from the most cared-for look. Sure, you could remove the pilling with the appropriate tool – though, this will require a lot of time, and in most cases, it’s really not worth it.

Conversely, when the fabric is textured (which may also mean simply ribbed, as in the picture below), the pilling is usually lower, and the maintenance very easy. Furthermore, a textured material can soften your features and make wrinkles and skin imperfections less noticeable, thanks to its irregular appearance which drives attention to itself (and away from dark circles).


In summer, another lovely material for tops, sweaters, and shirts as well as for dresses is linen.

A linen jersey, shirt, or dress, usually does not pill, is quite easy to maintain, and in the warm season it can usually be found at totally affordable prices in most budget-friendly department stores. Yes, it easily gets wrinkled. Though linen is the one and only fabric that looks good even if slightly wrinkled – I would say that it’s even nicer when it’s lightly wrinkled – which makes your linen shirt a perfect go-to for any informal setting, from a romantic getaway to a dinner out.


Light-colored pieces are usually the most suitable choice – they look good on anyone and are always classy. Though, if you prefer darker shades, consider that it’s better only to wear them in the evening, as dark-colored linen is quite susceptible to fade when exposed to intense sunlight.


A light-colored linen shirt (or dress) is always a timeless piece to stock up on in summer months but – be wary! – only when it’s not formfitting.


Conversely, linen is not the most appropriate choice for close-fitting dresses and for trousers, due to the fact that this fine-looking material easily loses its shape, thus making your perfectly ironed linen trousers look like coming straight from a fight in seconds. Aside from making you look frumpy in a go, this is totally unattractive – an unintentionally baggy effect on your knees and buttocks is not one of the sexiest things one can dream of.

The same goes for dresses and skirt.

The solution?

For skirts and dresses, give preference to styles that remain quite wide on the buttocks and in the lower part, as in the image below on the right, so as not to stretch the fabric.


For trousers, the only solution is to opt for a blend that contains some percentage of synthetic fibers.

And if you already own a pair of 100% linen trousers? Well, you still can wear them when you’re going to be standing all the time – a trendy and crowded place where you’re not supposed to find an empty seat until 4 in the morning is just perfect!

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