How to pick out low-maintenance fabrics and accessories

Continuing on the subject of the previous post, nowadays it’s possible to find in stores garments made of inexpensive fabrics that are totally easy to maintain and guarantee a chic and polished outcome at no cost at all.

Among these, a material that always has a faultless outcome and is appropriate for different settings and pairings is artificial silk, be it bright or opaque.


Clothes in artificial silk do not lose their shape or color, have a soft texture, are easy to wash and usually do not require ironing, which makes them the perfect option also for traveling.

Skirts as the one above will look impeccable for a long time, and if paired to timeless, well-made pieces they will look expensive even if they cost just a few bucks.


The same goes for blouses and dresses, which have a fluid wearability that is very flattering for any body type.

The only drawback is that, as artificial silk is not a natural fiber, it’s better to only use it when it’s not too hot (this is mainly true for tops and dresses) so as to avoid excessive sweating, which will not look that chic.

When the temperature rises, it’s better to stick to natural fibers, as mentioned in the previous post when talking about linen. A light-colored linen dress that remains quite loose at the bottom is an easy, lovely option that’s just perfect for any settings, as it can easily be dressed up or down with a wise choice of the accessories.

Give preference to sleeveless styles that remain quite close-fitting around your upper body, while being wider at the bottom. Not only this will guarantee a very chic outcome, but it will also make you look slimmer.


As for pants, it’s better to opt for blends that contain at least a certain percentage of synthetic fibers, which are essential for garments that keep their shape. A pair of jeans in a cotton blend which contains a small percentage of elastane (about 2-3%) and a slightly higher percentage of polyester (from 8-9% up to 15%) will look impeccable and top class even if you bought it in some thrifty store – only pay attention to the color (as explained in detail in a previous post), and stick to neutral hues for a faultless, low-maintenance look.


Now on the subject of accessories, be aware that plastic bags (which now are totally fashionable) are not the easiest option when it comes to low-maintenance.

With a bag in natural leather, any scratches or marks will easily become part of the bags itself. Leather, being a natural material, has a kind of self-repairing structure which makes a leather bag look classy and polished even if its surface is not that perfect. Conversely, just make a little, insignificant scratch to a plastic bag, and you will have an item only suitable for the bin, as even the most trendy designer plastic bag will look frumpy when its surface is not impeccable.

For this reason, it’s better to stick to bags made of natural leather: maybe it’s not the cheapest option, but the price you pay for a well-made leather bag will be a good investment for the years to come.

If you want to keep it on a budget, stick to fabric bags which, if well-made and carefully paired, always guarantee an impeccable outcome while keeping it on a budget.


Straw bags (which are very trendy this season) are another nice alternative for a timeless outcome at no cost. If it’s “your” style, don’t hesitate and buy double, as in a couple of years you won’t likely find a tenth of the choice!

Faux-suede accessories (be they bags, belts, or shoes) also allow faultless results and are totally easy to maintain, thanks to its opaque, soft-looking surface (also, faux suede gets less easily damaged than faux leather).

This is particularly true when talking about faux-suede sandals: the only difference with real-suede ones is in the price!


Last but not least, when buying high-heeled shoes, pay attention to the material which covers the heel itself, giving preference to suede (be it faux or natural), or to a coverage as that in the picture below: this will make your heels less susceptible to scratches, thus prolonging their lifetime – with great benefit to your class and style.


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