How to look slimmer with cardigans

Similarly to what happens with some overcoats and blazers, a cardigan is unquestionably a useful garment when it comes to flattering the figure while achieving a visually thinner figure.

If properly chosen and paired, this timeless garment can easily give the impression of a slimmer silhouette camouflaging most challenge areas thanks to its straight shape and clean line.


Some caution, though, is necessary, as what appears as an insignificant detail can indeed completely change the final outcome.

Here are some tricks to achieve the maximum figure-slimming effect when wearing a cardigan:

  • Avoid enlarging details like pockets, decorations, ruffles, and give preference to slim, straight styles.
  • Pay careful attention to its length. When paired with pants, the ideal length for most figures usually lies between just above the buttocks and mid-thigh. A cardigan should never be not too short, neither too long, as this would have an unflattering outcome on the whole figure.


  • Conversely, when pairing a cardigan with a skirt, avoid wearing long cardigans, as this would weight your figure down. The ideal length, in this case, is usually at the waist.


  • The cardigan should always be worn open (totally or partially, depending on the style of the cardigan and on your body type). If you close the cardigan, this would have an unappealing effect, enlarging your body instead of slimming it.


  • There should always be some color contrast between the cardigan and the rest of your outfit. The more flattering effect is usually achieved with a light-colored (or bold-colored) cardigan worn open an all-dark top/pants outfit, but you can sometimes achieve lovely results also with different color combinations. Experiment at home on a rainy Sunday, and find the most suitable for your shape, complexion, and style.


  • A belted cardigan can be nice and very chic, though this option is mainly suitable for those with quite a thin derriere. Contrarily to what happens with belted overcoats, that give the impression of an hourglass figure, this seldom happens with belted cardigans, due to their soft fabric.


Also, give preference to pieces that do not have buttons: this will enhance the straight and slim shape of the cardigan.

When purchasing new items, never buy an article that is not perfectly suitable for your figure, as knitted garments cannot be altered in any way.

And if you want to buy an exclusive piece, always choose quality, not a name or a brand.

To conclude, a warning: when talking about cardigans and, in general, about knitted garments, their maintenance is essential if you want to have a chic, polished look. Unfortunately, most inexpensive knits frequently lose all their appeal after a couple of washing, producing a lot of pilling (and this can also happen with expensive blends like cashmere).


To prevent this, it’s important to treat your knits with care and wash them in the proper way, as explained in this post. This can require a little time, but I assure it’s entirely worth it, as this will boost the appearance of the humblest of knits. You will have a soft, luxurious-looking garment. And your style will be more impeccable than ever.

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