I’m an architect, and passionate about style and fashion.

The yearning to understand how clothes could flatter my own body-shape has always been a necessity for me: less than five-foot-two and having grown up around a bunch of incredibly tall friends (my best friend from high school was a model!), I learned – experimenting on my own person – how combinations of color, patterns, and accessories could transform my figure, making me look slimmer, chic, and stylish while also boosting my inner style.

When I was a teenager, my life was an uninterrupted sequence of unsuccessful diets and shapeless clothing to conceal my entirely self-perceived extra pounds (I was not fat, indeed, just a bit chubby, as many teenagers are).

Then, in my twenties, I turned to the exact opposite approach: plunging necklines and extra-short skirts to draw attention to something other than my low height: the clothes that I was picking out made me look slimmer and quite sexy, sure, but they were not the most appropriate choices for certain occasions.

And I did not have any charme yet.

For years I considered myself irremediably overweight, large, and stocky because of my not exactly thin—and also quite short—legs, and because of my stature (which perhaps is not that incredibly short, but is undeniably below average). I actually became slimmer, but I always had the feeling of carrying around a lot of extra pounds.

Then, little by little, I realized that the best way to accomplish my goals was simply to shape my silhouette and take advantage of my physical strengths, thanks to a few easy “visual tricks” that could give the impression of a thinner-appearing figure, learning how to make the most of my physique, feeling much more attractive and enhancing my self-confidence.

In this blog and in my books – most of them are written in collaboration with my cousin Benedetta – you will find the main rules to follow if you, too, want to enhance your appearance with the help of flattering clothes and combinations that can make you longer, leaner, and chic beyond any possible doubt.

You’ll encounter practical advice and style reflections, but you’ll also get suggestions on how to be an attentive shopper and how to seem as though you’ve just walked out of a boutique shop even if the majority of your clothing pieces cost no more than a few bucks.

I hope that the pointers and advice in this book prove as helpful for you as they have been for me. Follow these simple rules, and put them into practice today!

Maybe at first it will not be easy, and it will take a while to take full advantage of them. But in no time—trust my words—you will able to see the results, and you won’t believe your eyes! Enjoy the read!

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Chiara Giuliani, an architect with a passion for style and fashion, lives in Florence, Italy.

After some academic and professional publications, in 2012 she published her first book, La Casa di Charme, a manual for making your home your own unique place, with hints to make spaces look visually bigger and more proportionate. 

In 2016, she published her second book, La Donna di Charme (translated to English under the title How to Become a Woman of Charme), a manual of personal style to provide women of all ages and types with the tools to build their self-confidence by enhancing their physical strengths, and to help them feel more beautiful and attractive. 

In 2017, she published 101 Ways to Look Slimmer and Taller, a handbook which provides useful suggestions that help flatter the figure and make the most of your strategic points, visually stretching out the silhouette and allowing those who would like to look slimmer or taller to get a slender (and chic!) figure.

In 2018, with her newest title I Capi Basici della Donna di Charme (English Edition soon available under the title “Wardrobe Essentials for a Woman of Charme“), the author explains in her breezy and entertaining way how to choose and pair those statement pieces which never go out of style, look good on everyone and work with everything, thus allowing you to built your personal capsule wardrobe made of versatile staples which just look good on you, giving all women an immediate tool for improving their image, thus increasing their self-esteem.

Her motto comes from a famous quote: Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself—Coco Chanel

The books and the blog are written in collaboration with Chiara’s cousin Benedetta Belloni, who has been working for years in the field of custom-made luxury garments.


Contatti: info@ladonnadicharme.it