My newest book: 101 Ways to Look Expensive on a budget

Here we go! We’ve been working hard during summer months, and now we’re glad to welcome you back from holidays with our brand-new book, “101 Ways to Look Expensive on a Budget” – a manual that, as the title promises, will allow you to become the most sophisticated version of yourself with the help of lots of inexpensive hints and tricks. (and it’s already No.1 on in “New releases in Style and Clothing”! Thank you, my chic friends!!!) As I frequently point out in my posts, looking expensive and glamorous is not a matter of money. Neither is looking expensive a matter of time. Time and money alone could, in fact, totally backfire. If you have lots of time (and money) to spend, but no plan at all, you can easily wind up with tons of useless stuff that’s just adding clutter to your closet—which is just the opposite of chic. Looking expensive and sophisticated while still remaining on-budget is a skill, and—like any other skill—it can be learned. . I’ve learned this from personal experience as, for many years, I was lucky enough to have my self-run architectural office based in one of the most ancient buildings in the middle of the historic center of Florence. The palace […]

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