Tailored suits: tips to pick out your perfect two-piece

Tailored suits are one of the latest trends this year. Blazers, cigarette pants, and vests are just everywhere: in magazines, shops, commercials. Some attention, though, is mandatory if you want to achieve an impeccable outcome adding a sophisticated yet sensual touch to a formal look. . One of the first things to consider when it comes to tailored suits – and, in general, garments that are kind of masculine – is proportion, as this is the key to looking polished and put together. There is a fine line between a formal blazer that’s just perfect for your figure and an extremely oversized one. This can be just the latest trend, sure, but it won’t make you look classy nor elegant – let alone attractive. . Therefore, keep in mind that extreme styles should always be avoided and that any excess in the upper part should always be balanced with a minimal choice in the lower part (and vice versa). Here are some tips to achieve a faultless result: Dad-style blazers, which now are totally fashionable, are not the best option if you want to look thinner. Plus, if they are not properly paired, they can give you a dowdy appearance. If you can’t help buying one, always pair it with pants […]

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