How to look slimmer with skirts: DON’Ts

As encountered in the previous post, skirts are an excellent way to pull off faultless and flattering results if you want to spice up your look or to wear something really striking.

As a matter of fact, we could say that – differently from what happens for most garments – there is really no need to have in your closet such a thing as a “staple skirt”. A straight, simple article in some neutral color is just one of the most boring (and less flattering) things one could imagine, and it will always look dumb no matter the pairings.

Rather we can say that a skirt needs to have your signature staple garments all around (as in the picture below) in order to deliver its sophisticated and feminine vibe while boosting all its flattering potential.


Generally speaking, straight patterns are seldom the best option to flatter your figure, as they frequently can make you look bulkier.

A formfitting pencil skirt usually requires a perfectly proportional figure and a toned body, as it highlights any fault (also those that you don’t have), and the same goes for knit (or jersey) tube skirts like that in the picture below, even if from time to time they happen to be back in fashion.


Wrap skirts as well can be quite tricky, as they frequently have a messy (and unflattering) outcome.

Elaborated details such as sequins, frills, or excessive decoration may have a widening effect, as they add volume to your whole figure. Leave the whimsy to the print and color, or opt for short patterns (as below on the right).


Curled waistlines can add unwanted bulk. Give preference to flared patterns as in the picture below, or layer a wide, flat belt to minimize the excessive volume.


Splits, which are recently back in fashion, are not the most flattering option for shorter patterns, as they may enlarge your figure. Use them only if you have very thin legs, and want to make them appear fuller.


Keep in mind that, with skirts, the wrong pairings can completely alter the outcome, cutting off any appeal.

With your favorite fancy skirts, the easiest and foolproof pairing is generally with a quality sweater (or shirt, for high-waisted skirts) and matching shoes (or leather boots). This combination looks good on most figures, allowing an outstanding and trendy outcome that flatters your silhouette.


On the other hand, avoid pairings with cardigans, as this may enlarge your figure while adding unwanted extra pounds (and years).

As per the choice of the most appropriate shoes, keep in mind that, if you don’t have thin legs, in winter long skirts usually require medium to high heels. Knee-high boots and lace-up boots are a perfect option, whereas ankle boots and booties are not the most appropriate choice, as they add a visual breakpoint, enlarging your figure.

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