How to take advantage of metallic shoes – Part 2

If you want to achieve a more elongated silhouette, heels alone are not enough to acgethieve a lengthening outcome. Even if this can sound surprising, heels can even backfire, due to the fact that, though they add inches to your height, they may create an extra breakpoint that can reduce the visual length of your legs, and this is particularly true when it comes to shoes in metallic shades. Therefore, if we want to get a slimming and lengthening result, it’s essential to identify the most appropriate patterns. Generally speaking, minimal styles (such as low-vamp stilettos or strappy sandals) guarantee the most flattering outcome. As for the design of the heel itself, the perfect option is a slightly curved heel placed centrally under the heel of your foot, as in the picture below. . Consider that any disproportion in the heel design or a style that is not suitable for your body type can visually enlarge your legs, whereas a well-chosen shoe can elongate your silhouette even if it has little or no heel (as it’s the case of the article below). . For a faultless choice, consider also the following: For a slimming and lengthening effect, low-vamp patterns and minimal designs are preferable since they leave your feet as […]

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