Bad girl or sweethearth? Tips to pick out your perfect corset (and take advantage of the sales)

One of the latest trends this year are corsets and corset-style tops and dresses, which is a very good thing as this ageless style, that from time to time happens to be back in fashion, is indeed very useful to boost every woman’s femininity in the safest of ways.

When wearing plunging necklines, the difference between classy and trash can be minimal, but corsets bypass the issue, thus making the choice somehow easier thanks to their ageless appeal and easy wearability.

Garments of this kind are chameleonic – they can make you look the sexiest woman ever or the most romantic girl.
A plain, well-made corset worn under a blazer can be perfect also for a business meeting – then just remove your blazer and you’re ready for a happy hour in some fancy place.


Just carefully choose the fabric, color, and pairing, and you will have a limitless choice to exude a sensual – yet classy – allure.

Corset styles are also a powerful tool to enhance your features. It’s not a coincidence that women of any time, in the past centuries, used to wear this garment in any setting and occasion, as this style will make you look more beautiful and more attractive no matter your body shape.


As usual, though, it’s essential to pay attention to detail when shopping for new items.

One of the first things to consider is the color, as a hue too similar to your skin tone not only can make you look naked, it can weight your figure down, adding extra pounds to your silhouette.

In general, if you want to look thinner while flattering your silhouette, opt for intense hues that contrast with your skin tone, or for dark colors. White, also, can look fabulous, but only if your skin type is quite dark.


The good news with this style is that it allows you to have fun with bold tonalities and vivid tones, thanks to the fact that the fabric lies quite far from your face. Similarly to what happens with swimwearchoosing striking colors and intense hues can flatter your figure – whereas pale, pastel tonalities usually have a worse outcome.  This is due to the fact that, if the color of your corset-style garment strongly contrasts with your skin tone, the eye only perceives the contrast – it’s kind of distracted by the stark contrast, and any imperfection in your figure will easily go unnoticed.


With a corset (or a corset-style top), you can wear vibrant colors no matter your complexion, and you will always look gorgeous. The only recommendation is to pick out hues that are appropriate for your age – a fluo pink corset can loo good at twenty, but if you are fifty, it’s better to opt for a hue of pink that’s slightly deeper while remaining intense (see here for details).

As for styles, it’s up to you to decide the most suitable to your personality – and mood of the day.


In general, black emanates a bad-girl attitude, whereas dark colors can make you look sexy in a more subtle way. In all cases, metal details should be kept to a minimum so as to keep it on the chic side.

Thick or textured fabrics such as velvet are perfect – they will add class and style to your look.


Mesh sleeves (as in the picture below) can look nice and allow to wear this style also in not-so-hot settings.


Conversely, be careful with lace, as lace (and lace details) can easily turn your corset-style top in an underwear garment – if this is your intention, it can be ok, but if it’s not intended, you will have an involuntary “oops-I-forgot-my-shirt-at-home” effect.


Now as per the purchase itself, sales are an excellent way to pick out lovely pieces at a very low price. Corset styles are the perfect example of classic items that happen to be trendy this season, as they are always stylish even when they are not the latest trend.

Go sales-hunting in advance right now! Since this garment is somehow ageless, sales will allow you to wisely invest your money – instead of just winding up with some trendy item that you won’t wear in a couple of months.

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