My newest book: Flattering Fashion

Dear charming friends, here we go! We’ve been working hard in the past months, and now we’re glad to introduce you to our new unmissable manual available on Amazon in Kindle Edition (the paperback will follow shortly). The title is appealing, and so is the content: Flattering Fashion is the perfect handbook for those who want to put together in minutes impeccable and trendy outfits that enhance your figure while gifting you with unique style. The key to looking fashionable is something different than just wearing trendy items. Being stylish and attractive is instead related to the ability to make wise use of trends, turning fashion to your advantage instead of merely accepting it, and in this enjoyable manual, you’ll learn how. . . As you may know, in my previous style manuals (Wardrobe Essentials for a Woman of Charme and 101 Ways to Look Slimmer and Taller in particular) the attention was mainly on those staple pieces that allow a figure-lengthening outcome – basic items that you should always have in your closet and that produce put-together, flattering outfits no matter the trends. The truth, though, is that in your closet—as well as in stores—there are also pieces from the latest fashion that, even if they are anything but staples, are […]

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