5 tips to look chic & slim with neutral hues

As encountered in the previous post, neutral colors are a powerful yet easy tool to enhance your style, as they allow a chic and flattering outcome, offer a nearly infinite possibility of choice, and are suitable for infinite combinations. Once a color has become neutral, it becomes easier to match it up with all others.


If you want to maximize their sophisticate allure while making you look slimmer, though, some considerations are necessary in order to make the most of their countless perks.

Here are a few effective tips that you can use while picking our your daily outfit:

1. When using neutrals for your main garments (meaning tops/shirts and pants/skirts), always pair neutrals that have approximately the same intensity. This means picking out hues that contain more or less the same amount of black, avoiding pairing light hues with too dark ones (which would visually break the figure, making it look fuller).


2. You may use darker or lighter shades for accessories or details. For instance, adding a neutral, light-colored accessory to a neutral, dark-colored outfit will ensure a sophisticated and polished outcome and increase your charme, while bringing attention away from your hips.

3. Give preference to clean, simple lines. This is always helpful to make you look thinner and flatter your silhouette. Furthermore, as some neutrals are indeed quite unusual colors, it’s better to avoid other unusual elements (as a fancy design can be).


4. Make extensive use of leather-colored accessories, picking out those hues that are more similar to your skin tone. All the shades of natural leather – be they tan, caramel, and – are veritable neutrals, and they offer a very helpful tool to make you look slimmer (and besides, they assure a very chic outcome).

5. Give preference to low necklines. Not only a low neckline brighten your features, it will also allow you to wear unusual shades regardless of the fact that they are appropriate for your complexion, or not. As these hues (and their combinations) are nearly endless, and they are all good-looking, this can make sometimes tricky to find the color most suitable for your skin type, but with a low neckline, you may skip this issue in a go.

Now on to the choice of the tonalities most appropriate for making the most of your own, unique style, here again, the possibilities are nearly endless. Neutral tonalities are far more flexible than pure colors and pastel shades, making it easier to choose the hue that is more in tune with your mood (and style). When turning to the neutral side, there’s no such a thing as a “so not me” color.


Girlish pink turns into a captivating dusty pink, hot yellow becomes warm ochre, purple becomes a sumptuous plum or mauve, and so on, offering you an extra tool to fine-tuning your style.


Another use of neutral colors, ready-made for all styles and occasions, is also adding to a monochromatic outfit neutral-toned accessories and details. To play it safe, pair hues that have a similar shade, be it cool (white gloves, gray bag, ice shoes) or warm (leather-colored shoes, ochre bag, camel gloves). The outcome will be impeccable and appropriate for any settings.


Conversely, combinations of pure colors are quite tricky and, in my opinion, only suitable to decidedly nonconformist personalities—if you feel really brave you can find these experiments thrilling, though maybe it’s better not to use these combinations for a job interview at a conservative workplace.




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