A timeless and versatile trend: polka dots

Fashion trends come and go, but some styles are timeless no matter the trends – and this is precisely the case of polka dots, a must of the Chic Parisienne that this season happens to be back in fashion.


As read on “12 Standout Trends That Ruled the Spring 2020 Runways – Your official guide to spring’s top trends” on  HARPER’S BAZAAR.COM, “designers are digging in their luxury heels when it comes to the almighty dot—simply put, the trend shows no sign of slowing.”

And the good news is that you can wear this super chic print no matter the settings, as it will allow you to always look polished in a very sophisticated way.


A polka-dot print can liven up the simplest of skirts, turning an uninteresting – and quite dull – outfit into a stylish and classy ensemble.

And, surprisingly enough, it can play down any possible excessiveness in the design of the garments you’re wearing – as it’s the case of the formfitting miniskirt in the picture below.


Pick out a formfitting, extra-short miniskirt in black (or in any other solid color), and the outcome will easily look cheap and – let’s admit it – not exactly tasteful.

Pick out the same identical style in a polka dot print, and you’ll look stylish in a go.

A polka dot dress is perfect for any summer event. Just change your shoes, and you can dress it up or down depending on where you need to be.


Things are different, though, when it comes to long-sleeved styles, as they can have the unpleasant drawback of enlarging your whole figure.

To bypass the issue, pick out prints where the dots are irregular, as in the picture below. This will create focal points that elude the enlarging effect that a regular print can easily have when worn all over your figure.


Another lovely alternative is picking out pieces with sheer sleeves, as this detail will visually elongate your silhouette, with a flattering (and very fashionable) outcome.


And when purchasing new items, don’t forget that the rule – as always – should be taste and proportion: avoid very small dots if you are tall and curvy, or too enlarged ones if you are petite.

Now as per the colors, polka dots are always perfect in black and white, as well as in black and blue. These timeless color combinations always assure a lovely and stylish outcome, and they are a real staple, as they easily allow countless pairings with other garments.

Though, other tonalities may also reveal surprisingly versatile, as polka-dots prints can turn an unusual (and not so easy to pair) hue into a super fashionable one.


And the good news is that you can use this lovely print also for accessories and details (as in the picture below).

Keep this in mind for your next purchase, and you will have an extra tool to spice up your look in the safest of ways, a timeless yet trendy piece that will stay in your closet for the years to come!



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