Trench coats: a timeless tool to look chic & thinner

As mentioned in the previous post, well-chosen outerwear not only allow you to look chic no matter the temperature, it’s also a useful tool to looking thinner while flattering your figure.

This is particularly true for coats that have a belt, as it’s the case of the classic trench.

Heavy fabrics can easily add volume to your whole body, making you look bulkier and—let’s admit it—anything but chic. Conversely, if you wear a coat with a belt, this not only has the priceless perk of shaping your figure, it also gives you a more sophisticated appearance as well.


When your outerwear is tightened at the waist by a belt, you achieve a more sophisticated appearance, making your waist and your whole figure look comparatively thinner and balancing out any extra volume caused by the heavy or quilted fabric.

Interestingly enough, this trick works with all sizes and weights. Even if you think you have a few extra pounds around your waist, the eye only perceives the hourglass figure created by the belt, thus creating a chic, feminine, and expensive-looking result.

Another perk of belted overcoats is that, usually, the belt is positioned slightly higher than your real waist, which makes your legs look longer, thus slimming your silhouette.

Here are a few tips for an impeccable choice:

  • As for the length, give preference to pieces that come to the knee (or a few inches higher for petites). Very short or excessively long lengths are more difficult to wear unless you’re six feet tall.


  • When buying a trench in a timeless hue, always pick out the best quality you can afford. Check the inside, inspect the seams, and be absolutely demanding about the quality of the fabric. And learn how to shop the sales! A garment of this kind is ageless, so a higher initial investment can be the real bargain at the end (plus, you will be unquestionably chic).


  • For cheaper options, you can opt for belted woolen coats that happen to be totally fashionable this season. With a shrewd choice, these items can look cute also when they’re not top-quality.


  • Always pair your trench with trousers that have close-fitting legs (but not too tight), avoiding wide-leg pants. As your lower leg is the only part of your body that remains visible, wearing wide trousers would enlarge your whole body, while making you look anything but chic.


  • Another figure-slimming option is to wear flared pants—as long as they’re slightly flared and close-fitting around the knee—paired with high-heeled shoes or ankle boots that remain hidden under the flare: super flattering!

A belt can also be helpful to minimize the volume of padded coats, as in the picture below.


And don’t forget that, to achieve an impeccable effect, the belt should always be the same hue as the coat. Contrasting colors would visually divide your figure, thus removing any flattering effect. Darker or lighter options can be cute, but usually, they look good only on those who are quite thin.


If you want to add some interesting detail, a nice option is a belt with a small shiny metal buckle. It’s an eye-catching element that makes your waistline look thinner while driving attention away from your hips (in general, wearing something sparkling at the waist is a foolproof way to make your waist appear thinner). Though it’s essential that the material is top-quality – and don’t overdo with its size, otherwise the outcome will be exactly the opposite.

To conclude, a warning: to achieve a flattering effect, your coat must have a real belt, so as to create a substantial and visible difference between your waist and your upper and lower body, achieving a lovely and slimming effect. Conversely, heavy overcoats that are simply close-fitting around your waist may have a not-so-flattering outcome.

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