How to take advantage of metallic shoes to elongate your legs – Part 1

When it comes to making your legs look more elongated, the choice of the most suitable footwear is essential as, even with high-heeled shoes, the wrong article can add unpleasant extra pounds to your lower body while weighing down your figure.

This is particularly true when it comes to items in metallic shades, which have been all the rage for some time now. Metallic tones can visually lengthen your legs or, conversely, make your lower half look shorter. Therefore, an appropriate choice is always essential.


As you surely know, when talking about heels (and shoes in general), their color and finish are key features to consider, if you want to achieve a result that is fashionable and flattering at the same time.

Generally speaking, the secret to getting a trendy and elongating outcome lies in sticking to shades and materials that do not excessively contrast with your skin tone.

Therefore, even if this can sound surprising, you will usually pull off a faultless outcome as long as you give preference to golden hues, avoiding silver ones.


This is due to the fact that, even if some consider silver far less flashy than gold, this is just not the case.

Golden and copper shades in the most appropriate tone (pale gold for lighter skins and richer hues for darker complexions) are warm colors that usually create a lovely blend with your skin, adding a fashionable vibe to your outfit while visually elongating your legs.


For this reason, golden hues can be considered almost as neutrals when it comes to minimalist pumps and sandals, thanks to the fact that a well-chosen golden shade can be quite similar to the color of your legs.


Conversely, silver shades, being in too much contrast with most skin tones, not only look too flashy, but they also made your legs look shorter on top of that. This is due to the fact that silver is a cool hue, which makes it excessively contrast with all skin tones, shortening your legs even with the most outrageously high heels.

To achieve a nice result also with silver tones, you can opt for heeled sandals with thin straps, so as to leave the foot almost uncovered (as in the image below). This way, the shortening effect of silver-colored shoes is minimized.


As per the choice of materials, to achieve a flattering, figure-elongating outcome, it’s essential to give preference to matte finishes (be they leather, fabric, suede, or synthetic fibers) because matte surfaces don’t create a visual contrast with your skin.

If you love patent leather, opt for minimalist styles (as in the image below): if the surface is minimal, the shortening effect of patent materials is minimized.


As for animal prints in metallic shades, keep in mind that they usually look good if their hues are warm and natural-looking.

In the next post, we will see some examples of flattering and versatile designs that will always make you feel stylish and attractive.

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