My newest book! Wardrobe Essentials for a Woman of Charme

Here we go! Our newest book is now available on Amazon in Kindle Edition and Paperback (Color Edition and Black & White Edition).

The title is appealing, and so is the content: Wardrobe Essentials for a Woman of Charme is the perfect handbook for a stylish and chic look, an unmissable book for those who want to get impeccable, slimming outfits that enhance your physical assets and your inner style!


The manual is enriched with pictures that clearly show the DOs and the DON’Ts to choose those statement pieces that never go out of style and look good on you—baseline staples you should stock up on for your personal capsule wardrobe.

You’ll find precious tips to visually slim your silhouette and to pick out quality versatile staples you can dress up or down depending on where you need to be.

You will learn how to save time when picking out your daily outfit, how to achieve a stylish outcome without spending a fortune, and how to declutter you closet—and your whole life—all while cultivating fine-tuned, flawless taste.


Sample pages – Straight jeans

In short, you will find suggestions you can incorporate into your style today, helping you obtain a faultless, chic, and impeccable look, thus boosting your allure and self-esteem.

Download your free sample on Amazon and start reading!
I really hope that you can find useful inspiration in it.

My goal is to help any woman to achieve an impeccable style—a style that calls your name and reflects your inner femininity—a style founded on (and supported by) foundation pieces that never go out of style.


® Anna ismagilova/


Besides, don’t forget that if your closet mainly consists of baseline classics perfect for your body shape and chosen in your signature color palette, this allows you to also play around with the most whimsical pieces of the latest trend while remaining chic and sophisticated and to put together polished and stylish outfits in seconds while still keeping to a budget and achieving a look that will always be trendy.

These essentials—as the name implies—should form the basis of your wardrobe, but this does not mean your closet should only contain baseline staples, because wardrobe essentials allow you to play with the “non-staples” in a totally safe way. They allow you to wear even the most up-to-the-minute items without making your outfit look like a cheap mix of mass products (which any chic lady dislikes). And they allow you to achieve a timeless charme.


Sample pages – Turtleneck

Because even the simplest pair of jeans can produce breathtaking results as long as it’s in character with your style, body shape and femininity. You don’t need to buy countless clothes to achieve this result. You just need to have your perfect baseline staples, those that call your name and flatter your body and personality in a unique (and stylish) way.

This approach to your wardrobe will allow you to save time and money and declutter your closet—and your whole life as well.

In this book—which further explores some of the topics covered in my previous books, How to Become a Woman of Charme and 101 Ways to Look Slimmer and Taller—we will see, season by season, the main items you need to build your perfect capsule wardrobe.


Sample pages – Shorts

We will also talk about “faux staples”: garments usually considered must-haves that are very difficult to wear flawlessly and tastefully combine with other pieces.

The suggestions in this book are supported by pictures that show ensembles that flatter the silhouette—slimming your figure and elongating your legs with the help of simple “geometric” features—as well as combinations that are better to avoid.

With help from this book’s tips and pictures, you can achieve a polished yet easygoing look, which in addition to making you feel feminine, attractive, and chic, will boost your self-confidence, enhance your style, and increase your charme*.


*Charme: a French word whose meaning is slightly different from the English word charm and indicates “an ensemble of beauty, elegance, appeal, allure, and style.” (Your style!)

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