How to look slimmer when wearing a blazer: DOs

A blazer, which is frequently referred to as one of the main wardrobe staples, is indeed a garment not that easy to pair. Furthermore, despite the fact of being considered a must at work or for formal occasions, in reality, it doesn’t always flatter your silhouette or style.

If you love wearing blazers, color combinations and proportions are crucial to achieve a faultless result. In this post, we’ll see some foolproof pairings that can guarantee an impeccable outcome while elongating your figure and making you look thinner. (in the next post, we’ll see the DON’Ts of this timeless clothing piece)

The first thing to consider is that a blazer always adds an extra breakpoint to the top and pants ensemble, which can visually shorten your legs while adding extra volume to your upper body.

For this reason, if your aim is to look slimmer and/or taller, a blazer-shirt combination should usually be avoided, because it may widen your figure.

The easiest alternative is wearing a low-cut blouse (or top) instead of a shirt: this will allow a faultless and very flattering outcome, as in the image below.


Pairing a blazer with a T-shirt is another lovely choice, as long as the neckline of the T-shirt is quite low (as in the picture below). This pairing will make the most classic of blazers look stylish, fashionable, and trendy while flattering your figure.


Also, wearing a two-piece in a dark tonality can elongate your silhouette. If you’re afraid of looking boring or too serious, you may add a lace top as in the image below, and the outcome will be just perfect.


In winter, the shirt can also be replaced with a turtleneck sweater, which always adds inches to your height and enhances your figure thanks to the thin line of the neck.


In general, a foolproof way to get the most flattering outcome when wearing a blazer is to simplify everything you’re wearing below it. Under a formal blazer, it’s often better—and it’s trendier—to wear a soft top or a tee in a fine-looking fabric than a classic cotton shirt.

As per the cut of this garment, consider that a straight blazer that reaches the hips highlights what many of us usually try to hide, and it doesn’t help boost your femininity or enhance your figure, making you look boxy and much more robust than you actually are.

If you want to hide a few extra pounds around the thighs and hips, it’s better to go for a slightly flared shape that enhances the waist for an overall slimming effect.

An interesting alternative to the flared cut is a blazer that may be tightened below your back, as in the picture below: this trick will help you remove any extra volume around your torso, achieving a very flattering outcome.



As for the colors, for the best results, it’s better to pair a lighter-colored blazer with a darker top and pants so as to visually slim the figure. This chromatic pairing, which can be applied to all kinds of jackets and coats, creates a vertical line that elongates your legs, slimming your whole figure. Interestingly enough, this trick work also with printed blazers, which otherwise can result quite difficult to pair. Conversely, a blazer that’s similar in color to the top is not the most flattering option, as it may weigh your figure down.


Wearing a light-colored blazer over a darker ensemble is also appropriate for wide, straight blazers (which usually are not very flattering for those that would like to look slimmer): the wide line of the jacket is balanced out by the thin silhouette of the darker top and pants, allowing a faultless and fashionable outcome that’s suitable for many body types.

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